1st Bootcamp in Oslo, norway

Our first bootcamp will be hosted by Nordic Innovation and held in Oslo this September. The bootcamp brings together all the ecosystem players from corporations to startups and advisors. During the days the teams will draft the business and product concept, validate feasibility and identify stakeholders and the roadmap.


”It’s time to quit talking and start acting. LOOP brings all the ecosystem players together for our future.”

Mari Pantsar, Director, Carbon-Neutral Circular Economy, Sitra


Circular Economy is in your strategy. Why is it not in your business plan? From reuse of production materials to less waste costs, new profitable growth opportunities are here to be claimed. Today.

LOOP is an accelerator born of industry leaders that brings together top startups, corporations, incubators and investors to create real business opportunities. Our main focus areas this year are Food and Plastics



    Example sub-themes for plastics

    • edible packaging
    • compostable coating and insulation
    • reusable packaging 
    • biodegradable packaging
    • package free systems
    • recycling

    Example sub-themes for food

    • supply chain & logistics
    • tracking, measuring & connectivity
    • nutrient & material loops
    • chemicals
    • resource optimisation
    • waste minimisation

    Timetable for 2018

    6 Month program starting from Slush and finishing at the World Circular Economy Forum on June 2019.


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    About Avanto Ventures

    Avanto’s mission is to do good for people and the planet by building sustainable businesses and fertile ecosystems. Avanto has proven records on helping both corporations and startups discovering, shaping and scaling new businesses. 

    About Sitra

    Sitra is a future fund collaborating with partners from various sectors to research, trial and implement bold new ideas that shape the future. Sitra was honoured as a leading driver of the circular economy in World Economy Forum 2018.

    About Nordic Innovation

    Nordic Innovation is a vital instrument for the Nordic ministers of business, energy and regional policies and shall contribute to make the Nordic region a leading region for sustainable growth, and increase entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness in the Nordic region.